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The Cattle Barren Box


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Just like the name this is a big box or people who love to grill and cook Beef!

Over 200 pounds to this box, this option would secure your beef needs for 8 plus months! You would have to worry about supermarket prices and would give you the worry-free option to feed you and your loved ones.

Everything you would need for late night grilling with friends and family alongside some grilling fast for burgers and chips type of lunch of a beef along with a western surprise grilling treat.


What to expect:

25%  premium steaks

Rib steaks, t bones, sirloins, tri-tip, top rounds, chuck steaks, flank or skirt, and cubed steaks

35% roasts and appetizing cuts

Chuck, sirloin tip, arm, rump, brisket, short ribs, soup bones and stew meat,

20% premium ground beef

20% Premium beef patties ¼ pound sizes


Also you would get the offal


Subscription Duration

Monthly, 2 Months, 3 Months